The Story of Cezanne

This is the official Hearttooth page. Featuring the music of Cezanne. Cezanne was always intended to be a band. Bands can be difficult to get together when you are fourteen and have other plans laid out for you in life.  There are three albums total created by one person due only to the lack of a proper band. So the albums you hear are done by tracking out multiple vocals, bass guitar, guitar, drums and keyboard on a home computer based studio. The third and final album has a few songs that feature a drummer brought in to enhance the tracks.


Within a week after the first album “Stranger Things Don’t Happen” was recorded and mixed the hard drive crashed and no files were accessable on the hard drive. All the mixes and tracks were gone, all that was left was the output of the album, the final songs for the album.

Within a week after the second album “Breaking Bats for Jesus” was recorded and mixed, the same thing happened. The hard drive crashed, all was lost, accept the final songs for the album.

Within a week after the third album “I Live In Turbulence. We will thrive in Turbulence!” was recorded and mixed, YES, a third time the hard drive crashed and the files inaccessable.

Since then the files on record have been sabatoged. Mixes changed, including volume, using wrong tracks, or practice tracks, effects changed and EQ’s altered, meaning the files were stolen and used to sabatoge Cezanne, ruining seemingly every last file.

It has recently been discovered that the pressing of “Breaking Bats for Jesus”, the physical Cds, have been sabatoged by switching the originals out with fakes. The fakes have a ameteureish mix of the same songs and do not sound professionally mastered, the changes are subtle though a sabatoge nonetheless, making them useless to sell. Only 1000 Cds were pressed.


LIVE SHOWS | As a band.

Cezanne played, as a band,¬†only in New York City at a handfull of venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn, before the singer’s sudden exit from the city in February, 2008. The singer has not played since the exit, and has no plans to perform on stage again.

Venues played as a band:

New York, New York





Brooklyn, New York