About Hearttooth Inc.


Who owns John’s music now that he has passed away?

Per copyright law, a copyright is inherited by the deceased person’s estate. Hearttooth Inc. is owned and operated by John Daugherity’s family. We are honored to be the caretakers of John’s music. Hearttooth and Cezanne are trademarks owned by Hearttooth Inc. Contact us with inquiries.

What does “Hearttooth” mean?

We don’t really know what Hearttooth means! (If you do, drop us a line.) John Daugherity originally established Hearttooth as a business in order to publish and promote his own music, and he had the dream of promoting other artists, too, with the Hearttooth brand.

Why did John perform under the name Cezanne?

Ragdoll Cat Flickr Creative Commons
The real Cezanne was a Ragdoll cat like this one. Flickr Creative Commons

We do know this one! You might think it’s because he admired a fellow painter Paul Cézanne, and he did. But the Cezanne in John’s life was a fluffy Ragdoll cat who lived with him in the early 2000s! John designed the black and white Cezanne logo.

I would like to add John’s music to my collection. How?

Click here to purchase hard copies of CDs of his album Breaking Bats for Jesus and to download music files one at a time or as a complete album.

I would like to perform or reproduce John’s music. Can I perform it?

We would love to talk with you about licensing. Please get in touch.

How did John pass away?

We give most of the details in his bio.

I have other questions!

Contact us.