Critical review. Copied verbatim from Pop Matters. Pop Matters 12 February 2007 Cezanne Breaking Bats for Jesus by Joe Tacopino Cezanne’s John Daugherity took the DIY ethic to the max with his latest release, Breaking Bats For Jesus. Not only did Daugherity record and produce the album, but he even made the cover art! Cezanne […]

John Daugherity’s song In Snow seems pretty simple at first — repetitious, even. I think with a couple listens, though, you hear the story of love turned cold — her love, my love, and our love. The repetitiveness reminds me of another gorgeously simple song, Hold On by John Lennon.  I think In Snow would be […]

#hearttooth #lyricfriday #aftertrial “Like a child I am wild and forgetful/ Every morning’s like a warning I ignore” — listen buy license © Hearttooth Inc

In the initial days after a death, a family faces so many small and large questions that take a lot of consideration. Which of his belongings should we keep? Where should we donate the other things? What about burial? Who should we notify? Why did this happen? Should we have known this was coming? Why […]

Today we officially re-opened Hearttooth Records. John is gone too soon — but his music has a way of staying with you. That is why our family is releasing it for you to enjoy, and we are offering his music for sale to other artists for licensing, performing and recording. We plan on releasing single […]

John Daugherity, as Cezanne, performed his music live in New York City between 2005 and 2008 at a handful of venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn, before the singer’s sudden exit from the city in February 2008. Live venues played solo: LIVE THE LOCAL COFFEE SHOP LAILA LOUNGE LUCKY CAT BAR 54 THE SIDEWALK CAFE PETE’S […]